Try these recipes while watching the match

I wonder why people have pizza and beer — the unhealthiest combination — when they watch football, the most athletic of all sports.

In honour of South Africa and Spain (my favourite), I’ll stick to wine — I’ll open with a Sauvignon Blanc from the host country in the first half and then move over to a Tempranillo, Spain’s most delicious red wine that surprisingly goes well with mutton kebabs.

It’ll be quite late in the night, so kebabs are ruled out. Instead, I may call for sushi rolls, which I have discovered pair seamlessly with a Sauvignon Blanc. When it’s time for the Tempranillo, I wonder what I’ll have.

Maybe a falafel wrap with the Greek yoghurt - and - cucumber - garlic dip. It’s an odd accompaniment for a full - bodied red, but I am a great believer in the joy of discovering the unknown.

Best, I’ll stick to cream crackers with smoked cheese, which you get in abundance in department stores everywhere. The combination has always worked well with red wines that have character.


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