Try Cellulite Massage for skin glow and to lose weight

Cellulite is a dreaded word for most women, who are always on the lookout for ways to get rid of that dimpled look on their thighs. Numerous anti- cellulite creams, massages and machines have flooded the market.

Some believe that the rigorous rubbing and knuckling during an anti- cellulite massage boost the circulation, helping to break down the fat. Anti- cellulite massage is done with a blend of essential oils or creams. But research shows that these products don’t contain any miraculous substance which actually dissolves the cellulite.

While this may improve the skin’s appearance for a short period, the effect is not long term. Proponents of the massage say it’s different from other massage techniques.

“ Regular massage just helps to relax the muscles. In anti- cellulite massage through tapping and knuckling we focus on the fat deposits,” says Ravila Sharma, cosmetologist, Three Graces.

However, even those offering anti- cellulite massage treatments say the massage has to be combined with a proper diet and exercise programme to yield good results. “ The massage only helps to break down the fat. It also improves the appearance of the skin,” says Sharma. So unless you are committed to making a full fledged effort to keep the weight off, don’t waste your money on massage treatments.


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