Now Mickey Mouse is showcased nude, invites outrage in Poland

Champions of freedom of expression are forever dogged by doubts over where to draw the line. But the line gets blurred when political opinion- makers get creative about the way they take on their detractors — often losing any modicum of decency, and occasionally triggering intense debate.

The Polish city of Poznan is in the throes of just such a debate — sparked by a billboard that merges Mickey Mouses image with that of a swastika and a nude woman's body representing what its Italian creator calls the horrors of the American lifestyle.

The giant poster, which went up in June in the western city of Poznan just steps from a synagogue, is an Italian artist's take on what he calls the "horrors" of the American lifestyle and is one piece of artwork in a contemporary art exhibition opening in the autumn.

But the reactions show that in Poland, where memories of the suffering inflicted during Nazi rule remain strong, there is little appetite for satirical or artistic uses of images linked to Nazi Germany.

"This art provocation is a form of violence against the sensitivity of many people," said Norbert Napieraj, a city council member who asked prosecutors to ban the poster.

Prosecutors, however, determined that the poster is art and does not violate the country's laws against glorifying Nazism, the Telegraph reported.

These kind of incidents take place when a party or a group of people try to be creative to attract more attention to prove their point however the problem starts when the other group misreads the intentions of the posters or canvases and give birth to the outrage and controversies like this.


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