Microsoft MS Kin Dumped even before the Big Launch

The not- so- venerable software giant from Redmond, Seattle has decided to bury its smartphone even before some people got to see it.

Well, the Microsoft Kin launched less than two months ago — was supposed to compete with the Apple iPhone. But there was a hitch — the iPhone is a great product. Microsoft Kin was not. The Kin was a stupid product to start with.

Its only redeeming feature was its ability to be a social networking phone. But when you have so many phones with Facebook and Twitter apps as default, why go for the Kin? Good question, and this was answered by Microsoft’s entertainment division which decided to kill the product just six weeks into its US launch. According to the leading technology blog Gizmodo, Microsoft managed to sell just 500 Kins, compared to the 50 million iPhones that have been sold worldwide. Here is what Gizmodo says: “ A major reason it bombed, besides the weird, non- specific faux hipster marketing? Price. Verizon priced Kin's monthly service like a smartphone, even though it wasn't one.

Even cutting the device price drastically didn't alleviate the high cost of the monthly plan.

(The confusing Kin, a Windows 7 Phone by Microsoft flustercluck branding didn't help.) The few people that did buy a Kin will still get support from Microsoft, but the future of promised software updates is up in the air.”


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