Lindsay Lohan Dead : Fake Kim Kardashian Twitter Supports the Rumor

These rumor will keep coming in and trust me you would not be able to differentiate between the real and fake news. Lindsay Lohan is pretty alive and getting ready mentally as well as physically to serve her 90 days jail term which is to begin on July 20.

The rumor stated that Lindsay overdosed and immediately passed away, which obviously is not true. Wikipedia is used to spread the news more and make it more reliable as it can be easily edited and by anyone who has the internet. It is updated on Wikipedia that she’s deceased as of July 14, 2010, however there are no details surrounding her supposed death.

In the mean time, there was a tweet from a fake Kim Kardashian twitter account which goes as “Omg!! Is Lindsay Lohan dead?! I keep hearing these rumors from my friends n stuff!! Is it true?”.

Nobody could get hold of the Kim Kardashian to talk about it and honestly she doesn't even bother about these hoax news created.


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