Larissa Riquelme will now Strip if Spain is Going to Win

One of the hottest fan or even if we say 'The Hottest' fan of Paraguay, after looking her popularity, is again going an extra mile for her fans and for the fans of Paraguay.

This hot lingerie model named 'Larissa Riquelme' has decided to strip despite the exit of Paraguay after losing to Spain by 0-1 in quarter finals of FIFA World Cup 2010.

She has said, she is not only the fan of Paraguay but of Football and international media has given her a new title which is "Bride of the World Cup". Larissa has not broken her promise however just changed the terms as she is putting her money on Spain now, The team which defeated Paraguay.

She said she will still do what she promised if Spain is going to beat the Germany in the 2nd Semi - Final.

And we have been saying it from the beginning that Spain is going to win this year cup, so get ready guys for Larissa Riquelme who has been entertaining you with her ample cleavage and with it perhaps advertising for Nokia Mobile Phone for free by creatively designing a new place for keeping the mobile phone for women.


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