Sex And The City 2 Movie Review, Rating

Watching this sequel after the 2008 original, I think I’ve figured out what this series is actually about.

For Carrie, Charlotte, Miranda and Samantha, life isn’t really about sex and the city. High- end restaurant dinners, vitamin pills, shopping — lots of it — at plush stores, planning outfits over the phone and, when time permits it, family and career — that’s ‘ life’ for the heroines of this chick- flick series.

The ‘ story’ is essentially meant to provide leeways to facilitate all of the above. And because a sequel needs something new, and you can’t tamper with the sex bit, they’ve zoomed in on a new city this time.

The Flutterby Four of Sex And The City have homed in on Abu Dhabi this time. It’s an all- expense- paid trip in an exotic location, which ensures the essential eye candy knick- knacks will keep rolling.

The script takes off two years after the first film. For a brief family picture, Carrie ( Sarah Jessica Parker) is tackling domestic quibbles with her dream man, John ‘ Mr. Big’ Preston over what to watch on TV. Charlotte ( Kristin Davis) has daughter trouble. Miranda’s ( Cynthia Nixon) struggling with a chauvinistic boss.

So, when Samantha ( Kim Cattrall) manages to bag an all- expense- paid trip to Abu Dhabi for the four, they go for it.

So, what happens ? Maybachs and $ 22,000- a night suits are in store for the girls, who flaunt wardrobes that must have taken a cargo plane to transport. You get an elaborate Abu Dhabi darshan by the way as the story heads in just about any direction that lets a hedonistic circus of pleasure unfold. Along the way, you have some stilted sitcomstyle comedy.

Sex And The City 2 might work for hardcore fans of the TV series that spawned this obscene idea as a money- making machine in the minds of studio bosses. For the rest, avoid the claptrap.


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