The Karate Kid 2010 Movie Review, Rating, Response

Jackie Chan’s teaching Kung-Fu to Will Smith’s son. And the script is a tested one ( the original film by the same name was a 1984 blockbuster).

Do you need anything more for a Hollywood movie deal? The Karate Kid 2010 is setpiece entertainment that reveals no intention of surprising you.

For martial arts lovers and fans of Chan ( as well as young Jaden Smith, if you have seen his brilliant performance in The Pursuit Of Happiness ), this could be two- hours and 20 minutes well invested in.

Jaden plays Dre. Much against his wishes, he has to move from Detroit to China because his mom ( Taraji P. Henson) has landed a job there. Dre soon develops a crush for classmate Mei Ying ( Wenwen Han), who reciprocates.

The problem: the class bully has a glad eye on Mei Ying, too.

Dre looks around for help, and finds as much in the school maintenance man, Mr. Han.

Now if Mr. Han is played by Jackie Chan, he’s got to be more than just a maintenance man.

Sure enough, Chan as Han turns out to be a kung- fu ace on the sly. And he’ll fill in Dre with enough kick- andpunch tricks for the boy to beat the bullies, get the girl, and win a karate competition in the process, too.

Harald Zwart is a director whose claims to fame are Agent Cody Banks and The Pink Panther 2 . Essentially, that meant he’s the sort of guy studio bosses look for when they need a director who can blindly ensure a starry moneyspinner.

Chan’s positioned as the more mature of the film’s two heroes naturally, given Jaden’s just a boy — as also because the Asian superstar clicks in such roles while co- starring with peppy American actors ( sample Shanghai Noon/ Knights or the Rush Hour flicks). While on Jaden, he’s fun to watch. The boy is among the most effortless child actors in Hollywood right now.

The Karate Kid works because of its neat storytelling and cool kicks.


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