Mr Singh Mrs Mehta Movie Review, Ratings

If you’re planning a full monty for the sake of art on the desi screen, think again. The censors will find a way to ‘ clothe’ your desire with ludicrous pixels. In Mr Singh Mrs Mehta , heroine Aruna Shields goes around in a whole lot of scenes wearing nothing but pixels. If anything, the pixelated shots render a really vulgar effect.

Why are we going on and on about Aruna and her pixelated ‘wardrobe’? Because that’s what you’ll probably pay for if you’ve planned to watch this one, goaded by the hype.

For cinema basics, the film tries to be a sensitive story about two people who find solace in each other after discovering their spouses are cheating on them. Mr Mehta and Mrs Singh are having an affair. And Mr Singh (Prroshant Narayannan) and Mrs Mehta (Aruna), after a meeting, find comfort in each other. The story tries every bit to impress on you the fact that these two individuals are drawn close to each other by a sense of anger.

You are supposed to feel for them as their bond grows, as friendship turns into desire, and desire turns into love. Yet, it all seems too plastic and stretched after a point. Couldn’t these two people just settle for divorce from their erring spouses rather than take the same route of adultery? Aruna Shields is quite a body of work — pixels or no pixels. Prroshant Narayannan, that talented actor from Waisa Bhi Hota Hai Part 2 , looks less sure in a confused role.


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