Lunar Eclipse 2010 (Chandra Grahan) in India, Time and Date

According to NASA, Lunar Eclipse will be mainly visible in parts of America, Pacific and Eastern Asia today i.e. 26th June, 2010. It will not be clearly visible in India as the time of eclipse will be before moon rise.

Eclipse in India would occur between 3:46 PM and 6:30 PM, so the housewives of India can take the Indian traditional precautions during this time.

This would be the first lunar eclipse of this year, the next lunar eclipse would occur on 21st December, 2010 however Solar Eclipse would come little soon this year i.e. 11th July, 2010.

As per the reports, the June 26 partial lunar eclipse belongs to Saros 120, a series of 83 eclipses in the following sequence: 21 penumbral, 7 partial, 25 total, 7 partial, and 23 penumbral lunar eclipses.

These, in fact, are the filtered glows of innumerable sunsets and sunrises occurring around the rim of the Earth at the time. But partial eclipses generally lack the colorful orange-red hues that a totallunar eclipse often shows.

These all are part of the activities take place in the space and technology helps us to find out this information like it also tells about the solar storm which would take place in the begining of year 2013.


Tejpal { June 25, 2010 at 11:29 PM }
good effort but wish it was tabeld as lunar-solar eclipse with eclipse periods.

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