Lizzie Velasquez : Girl Who Needs to Eat in Every 15 Minutes to be Alive

This can easily be called as one of the shocking diseases we have come across in our times. A 21 year old girl Lizzie Velasquez from Austin, Texas needs to eat, or she must eat something with in the duration of every 15 minutes to stay alive.

She has this rare conditions which prevents her from gaining weight and to be in the business she takes upto 60 small meals a day.

Miss Lizzie Velasquez Weighs only 4st 3lbs and she is 5ft 2 inches tall. Media guys got to talk to her about her conditions on which she had to say this ,"I weigh myself regularly and if I gain even one pound I get really excited," said 5ft 2 ins Miss Velasquez, who wears size triple zero clothes. I eat every 15-20 minutes to keep my energy levels up. I eat small portions of crisps, sweets, chocolate, pizza, chicken, cake, doughnuts, ice cream, noodles and pop tarts all day long, so I get pretty upset when people accuse me of being anorexic."

She was born 4 weeks prematurely and weighing just 2lb 10oz which put Doctors in great deal of shock that how did she survive.

Doctors have no idea what is wrong with her bosy and speculated that she might have the genetic disorder De Barsy syndrome but soon ruled it out as well because she did not experience any learning difficulties.

Lizzie future can be predicted that how far she would be able to go like this but this is really one of the most shocking thing I have ever come across.


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