Limited Entry Hunting (LEH) Results to be out Soon

Limited Entry Hunting (LEH) are hunting opportunities created via a "lottery", and the details are found in the LEH Synopsis. Participation in the LEH draw is available to any resident of B.C. who legally possesses a B.C. Resident Hunter Number.

Limited Entry Hunting draw has closed and applications are no longer accepted for the 2010 draw. The LEH crew is working very hard to process approximately 165,000 applications.

Draw results will be mailed out on or before June 18, 2010. You can check these results on, once declared.

If you do not receive notification of your results, please call the Fish and Wildlife Branch and we will look into it for you. Please read your results carefully – every year a few hunters throw away Limited Entry authorizations because they mistakenly thought they were not drawn.

You can not search your results until the draw has been completed. Search for your draw results by entering your Hunter Number into the box provided.

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