Indonesian Celebrity Luna Maya And Ariel Peterpan Leaked Video

These Indonesian celebrities Luna Maya and Ariel Peterpan are widely searched on the web because of the reason which has become so obvious now, "The Leaked video" of these two making love in a hotel room.

Luna Maya is an actress and a presenter in Indonesia while Ariel Peterpan is the lead vocals of pop rock band Peterpan. There are two videos leaked showing that Luna and Peterpan of Indonesia getting it on hot and heavy in Indonesia’s biggest celebrity sex tape yet to date.

Luna Maya denied any involvement in the scandalous sex video that recently started to circulate on social networking, like Facebook.

Some are saying this is proof the female in the sex videos is not Luna Maya because she is not believed to have a tattoo. But others believe the tattoo seen in the video is a temporary tattoo that Luna Maya got while at a resort in Bali where the sex video was made just over a year ago.

The first video duration 2 minutes 37 seconds, while the second video duration is longer, with a length of 6 minutes 39 seconds. Both videos are available for download below as one merged WMV video file. Video started circulating on the evening of Thursday, June 3, 2010 on sites like Kaskus and Facebook.

I simply do not understand that why these videos are made in the first place by the couple who is involved in love making exorcise, or if it made by someone else are they so blind to observe that they have been watched.

Are these the moves for the public attention or to be in the headline, if they are, do sharing your privacy really worth it ?


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