Minimum Wages in Delhi raised by 15 percent

The state government has decided to increase the minimum wage rates by 15% under the Minimum Wages Act, 1948 with effect from February 1, 2011. While briefing the media after the cabinet meeting, chief minister Sheila Dikshit said that the decision to increase minimum wage rates had been taken by the government. The rates were last revised on February 1 last year.

The new rates - after a hike of 15% - will be applicable from February 1, 2011, to all 29 scheduled employment categories notified by the city government.

Dikshit stated that the minimum wage for unskilled workers has been hiked from Rs 203 to Rs 234 per day. This would mean an increase in the monthly wage from Rs 5,278 to Rs 6,084. The wages of semi-skilled workers have been increased from Rs 225 to Rs 259, which in terms of monthly wages means an increase of Rs 884. For a skilled worker, the wage has been increased from Rs 248 to Rs 285 - a hike of 962 in the monthly wage.

The wages in respect of clerical and non-technical supervisory staff have also been increased. Non-matriculates will get Rs 259 per day instead of Rs 225. Their monthly wages will go up by Rs 884 from Rs 5,850.

The wages in respect of matriculates but not graduates has been increased from Rs 248 to Rs 285 per day. Their monthly wages will go up by Rs 962 - from Rs 6,448 to Rs 7,410. The wage of educated workers - graduates and above - has been increased from Rs 270 per day to Rs 310. Their monthly wages will go up by Rs 1,040 from Rs 7,020 to Rs 8,060.

The government is committed to revise minimum wages after every six months. Labour minister Ramakant Goswami said that the government will ensure enforcement of the Minimum Wages Act in the capital. He asserted that the government will act against employers found violating the revised wage structure.

Article Source - Times of India


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