Army officers take bribes for tenders

In a sting operation, senior Indian army officers posted at the army’s crucial strike corps in Ambala and Jodhpur were caught on camera accepting bribes from undercover reporters to facilitate tenders for local purchases.

Men in uniform take cash from journalists posing as contractors

More shocking, however, was the brazenness displayed by these serving officers, some of whom were in uniform when they overtly collected and counted the money before pocketing it.

Under the pretence of being contractors and defence suppliers, the reporters approached high- ranking officers seeking help in facilitating army contracts.

Despite the ‘ contractors’ not being on the approved list of army suppliers, these officers had no misgivings about dealing with them but also cleared payments against fake bills.

Snared by the sting operation were Lt Col S. K. Khanna, the brigade ordnance officer of a Jodhpur air defence brigade, Lt Col Rajiv Nagpal, who commands an artillery division provost unit at Ambala, Major Ranawat of the same unit, Lt Col Manoj Arora and Major V. Prasad, the second- in- command and quarter master of an air defence regiment, and Lt Col Parminder of an air defence brigade.

The ease with which the officers accepted money indicated there was no fear of dealing with nonapproved contractors.

“ Just for a moment imagine had they been ISI agents and not undercover reporters. The ease with which they penetrated the army's socalled tough security network and entered deep inside the two main strike Corps on the western borders points to a complete failure not just of these officers but also military intelligence,” defence analyst Maj Gen Ashok Mehta ( retd) said.

Hours after the sting operation was aired, an army spokesperson told Headlines Today that a court of inquiry had been ordered and the strictest possible action would be taken against the officers found guilty.


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