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Now here’s a film with quality written all over it. Inception is directed by Christopher Nolan — he’s the guy who gave us The Dark Knight , Memento , Insomnia and The Prestige . The posters also have Leo DiCaprio splattered all over. He’s one actor who knows how to mix blockbuster fun with sensible cinema, much like apna Aamir Khan.

You went in hoping Inception wouldn’t go wrong. It doesn’t.

The film is billed as a sci- fi thriller. It works as a surreal dream, a top- rate crime caper, a superb action flick and a complex drama all at once. Clearly, Nolan’s ambition was to create a devilishly intricate flick that pushes the limits on entertainment and teases your brain cells, way beyond what Memento did.

In that sense, Inception isn’t a film that you can merely sit back and enjoy. It’s a clever movie that engages you as a viewer all through its two - and half hour runtime.

This is the story of Dom Cobb, played by DiCaprio. He’s a thief with a difference. Cobb can enter your mind in a dream state and steal vital secrets embedded in your sub conscience.

Cobb’s talent makes him a star in a world where corporate espionage is fast gaining ground. Of course, since he’s also wanted by the law all over the world, his job profile has taken a tragic toll on his personal life.

The plot- pusher unfolds by way of a very different job that comes Cobb’s way. Along with a team of ‘ specialists’, he has to pull off a reverse assignment.

Instead of stealing an idea, Cobb has to lead the team into a person’s mind to plant an idea into the sub conscience.

Of course, the job will go wrong. And the twist, which the glitch brings in its wake as Cobb and company try to accomplish their mission, makes for a gripping finalé.

Leonardo DiCaprio’s success as far as Inception goes lies more in selecting a smart flick and role than in executing it.

Seasoned ace that the actor is, he’s terrific — no doubt about that. But more than the performance, Nolan’s given Leo a role that will mark top-of-the line recall for his fan base over the years to come. For the sheer unconventional swing it is soaked in.

Rating - 4 / 5

Inception Cast: Leonardo DiCaprio, Marion Cotillard, Ken Watanabe, Ellen Page, Joseph Gordon- Levitt
Direction: Christopher Nolan


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