Spain Beats Germany, reaches in the Final of FIFA 2010 World Cup

Spaniards have claimed a thumping deserving victory over Germans by 1 - 0 in the 2nd Semi Final of FIFA 2010 World Cup.

Spain team completely out shined the German team in terns of ball possession, shots on the goal and of-course scoring. It was so amazing to see the Spaniards playing as they pass the ball so accurate and so fast which becomes literally impossible for the opponent team to cut short their passes, though I wonder how did they lose to Switzerland.

Puyol scored with a stunning header in the 73rd Minute of the game with the corner kick. If German Team would have played the whole game like they played in the last 10 minutes or so there could have been a different story all together.

All in all, Paul the Octopus, once again was proven right in the end when almost whole world was against his prediction.

Spain will now meet Netherlands in the final of FIFA 2010 World Cup on 11th July at Johannesburg which I am certain that Spain is going to win and that too convincingly.

Germany would meet Uruguay for the third place on 10th July at Port Elizabeth.


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