Spain beat Holland in the Final of FIFA 2010 World Cup

Spain has registered their name as the World Champions for the first time ever in the history of this game after beating Holland by 1 - 0 in the extra time of 30 minutes.

There was lot of indiscipline was to be seen in the first 45 minutes of the game where total number of 5 yellow cards were issued to players including one of De Jong's after he kicked Alonso in the chest imitating The Karate Kid and was lucky not to be sent off the field ; however yellow cards keep pouring on the field during the second half as well.

Spaniards did not look like what they are known for, their passes which seemed unstoppable till the semifinal were cut short by Dutch players for which they deserve a pat on the pack and they did well to keep Spaniards away from their net as well.

Arjen Robben was the player who looked in full flow, unstoppable and displayed some magnificent skills with the ball however he missed a extreme simple chance in the 62nd Minute of the game where Casillas turned out to be the savior for the Spain. David Villa and Ramos also missed the comparatively important chances.

It turned to be the 6th World Cup Final to go into the extra time of 30 minutes when the first 90 minutes could not decide the winner.

John Heitinga was sent off the field in the 19th minute of the extra time after he was shown his 2nd yellow card which was quite unfortunate, in fact there were lot of unfortunate decisions by the referee went against the Dutch side.

After all the drama, Iniesta scored in the 28th Minute of the extra time and took Spain on the path of the victory.

Many, Many congratulations for Spain The Deserving Champions of FIFA 2010 World Cup from Hot National News.


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