Madrasapattinam or Madhrasapattinam Review, Ratings and Response

Madrasapattinam is a love story of Arya which is of time pre-Independence. It is a typical love story of upper and lower caste of the society however put in with a different angle.

A British Lady Amy Wilkinson (female lead in the movie) falls in love with a dhobi cum wrestler named Ilamparidhi-Paridhi (Arya) and got separated when India snatched its Independence from Britishers. The whole nation dances relishes where as two lovers in the movie are not shown to be amused by the declaration of independence as for them it means separation.

Amy is the daughter of Governor General and when governor general learns about this, he orders his men to kill Paridhi. He then takes Amy to London. But due to immense love Amy escapes and reaches Madras in search of Paridhi.

After the superb performance in “Naan Kadavul” Arya has once again proved his acting skills where the lead British actress Amy Wilkinson is looking too good in the movie and promises to impress everone with her innocent charm. Cochin Hanifa, Nasser and Alexx have also does a good job.

Director Vijay has done a work by giving the movie the realistic look by casting the british actors and taking out the fine performances out of them.

Movie is not terrific however in whole it would not disturb you if you walk into the theaters, overall it is good movie to watch.


Anonymous { July 10, 2010 at 3:00 AM }
Damn u the movie was freaking nice!!

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