Larissa Riquelme to Run Naked Before The Promised Time

Larissa Riquelme, The Paraguay Hottest Fan & Lingerie Model has been thinking out of the box to get as much as support possible for Paraguay and now has gone an extra mile.

She had earlier promised her fans and fans of Paraguay that she will run naked with colors of Paraguay flag painted on her body on the streets of Paraguay if the team wins the cup; however now she has changed her words for good because now she is going to do the same even if the team beats the Spain today and reaches semi-finals.

She has single handedly brought much fan support for Paraguay and even people who do not watch football want to see Paraguay win today. With all the support of the team, she has gained much support for her career as well.

Though, we were wondering if her popularity keep going like this, fans would have to book the tickets of Asuncion central square where she is gonna perform.

We also wonder now that she is gonna play all of her cards today if Paraguay wins, what is going to do of Paraguay wins the Cup.


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