Larissa Riquelme, Paul the Octopus & Shakira Waka Waka : Highlights of FIFA 2010 World Cup

Apart from all the anxiety and excitement of FIFA world cup 2010, there are couple of things which are big hit during this prestigious event i.e. Larissa Riquelme, Paul the Octopus and the official song Waka Waka by Shakira. None of them have been directly involved in any of the matches on the field, but off the field these are the biggest hit of this world cup.

Larissa Riquelme journey started when she was spotted by cameramen in revealing clothes cheering for Paraguay during their first match, followed by which she started gaining more attention and later announced that she will run naked if Paraguay team wins the cup which did not happen however Riquelme ended up getting almost naked, which she later admitted that bring more assignments and work being a lingerie model.

Paul, the Oracle Octopus, has been able to predict accurately the winners of all six matches that the German team played in the 2010 FIFA World Cup. Starting from beginning, in Group D, the Germany team registered win over Ghana and Australia which he predicted earlier, followed by this, he predicted that Germany team would lose to Serbia and it happened exactly as if he designed the game for German Team.

In knock out stages, Paul predicted Germany's win over England in the round of 16 and then over Argentina in the quarter finals. Paul endedthe German Team Journey in Semi - Final match against Spain where Germany's team lost and out of the competition which was accurately predicted in advance.

Shakira, has always been a hit, on and off stage for her music and hip shaking performances. This time she spreads the magic with her composed song for FIFA world cup Waka Waka which gained immense popularity and becomes one of the biggest hit of all time. Waka Waka has been viewed more than 79 million times and has more than 85,000 comments on popular video website YouTube.

Winner : If we would have to decide the winner out of these three, we would have to say Octopus wins the battle for obvious reasons. He has been searched more than Waka Waka and Larissa Riquelme on Google and Yahoo. He attracted all this attention by 100% predictions of football where as Shakira and Larissa Riquelme brought their own talents in the game. This being the competition of Football, Paul take the crown from us.


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