Larissa Riquelme Latest Pictures put her back in the Limelight

Paraguayan model and their football team hottest fan in this year FIFA World Cup has earned too much for herself in terms of popularity, love from the fans and special place on the web which eventually lands her up in the ocean of contracts and photo shoots.

Larissa Riquelme is a lingerie model and doesn't hesitate to show skin however she has proved that she is a beauty with the brain. Apart from the top 3 teams of the world cup, I think she is one who has won too much and that with her brain and no funny tricks. She made a promise to her fans that she will naked through the streets of Paraguay if their team lifts the cup however it didn't happen but still she kept the momentum going and gave the fans what they were looking for.

It was exactly as planned as there was not any naked run seen neither by Riquelme nor by Maradona as both the teams failed to even reach the finals, however Larissa went an extra mile and shot without clothes and treated her fans with the pictures and also earned hefty money.

Here are the some of her Latest Pictures for the ad shoot in Brazil:

These pictures were taken when Larissa Riquelme appeared in front of media before she went on to attend an advertising photo session in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

The World Cup is over and we approaching towards the league games but Larissa Riquelme popularity is still there where it was and I guess it is here to stay, we are here talking long term plans by the Paraguayan model.


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