Larissa Riquelme almost kept her promise, strips before FIFA World Cup final

After the all the announcements, interviews and tweets, it was time for Larissa Riquelme to be in actions and do what she promised to her fans. It can be said that she fulfilled the promise to an extent if not completely.

Paraguay Hottest Fan and Lingerie Model Larissa Riquelme apparently did not run anywhere without clothes however she posed lying nude on the Paraguayan Flag in front of the professional photographer to take pictures which has been already released on the web.

Riquelme earlier promised to strip naked and run naked through the streets of Asuncion, painted in her team's colours if they won the whole tournament however her team lost to Spain in the quarter Finals and she modified her statement a bit but end results the same. She said, she would still run naked as a gift to the Paraguayan players and fans.

World Cup’s girlfriend, has admitted that her efforts were an attempt to enhance her profile and grab attention from modeling industry.

Stay Tuned Guys, World Cup is not over yet and could expect anything from Riquelme to please her fans.


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