India finally gets its Rupee Symbol (Picture, Photo)

Indian has finally got its symbol like other global currencies some of which are Dollar ($) or the Euro (€) or the Pound (£).

This symbol has been designed by an IIT-ian Uday Kumar from IIT Bombay where he was doing research at the Industrial Design Centre (IDC).

"My design is based on the Tricolour, with two lines at the top and white space in between. I wanted the symbol for the Rupee to represent the Indian flag. It is a perfect blend of Indian and Roman letters: a capital 'R', and Devanagari 'ra', which represent rupiya, to appeal to international and Indian audiences.", Kumar Said.

After this decision, arrangements have to be made to make its presence felt which means manufacturers would have to make the relevant changes in their products like Keypad of Mobile Phones, Keyboard of Computers. These products would also feature the rupee symbol in India as it does for British Pound and US Dollar.

We know that we should feel proud on he symbol of our currency however readers can express their thought about this new synbol in the comments section :

The Basic Question is - Do You Like it ?


prince { July 18, 2010 at 7:54 AM }
we are proud our currency

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