Christina Perry Reveals So You Think You Can Dance Top 6 Results

Christina Perry who is riding on the success of Jar of Secrets was on the show from where she got the things started. So You Think You Can Dance results were announced in the presence of Christina Perry.

Christina Perry came into the limelight when her song Jar of Hearts got the opportunity to be featured on So You Think You Can Dance and on that very same day it topped the charts and became a rage on the web; however before that Perry was working as a waitress.

she sang her song 'Jar of hearts' on So You Think You Can Dance and Neil and Allison perform on the stage which was liked by many.

The Results :

Kent, Lauren and Robert, Jose, Billy are safe where as Ashley found here out of the show as she is recommended the rest of 3-6 weeks after Cat reveals in the presence of Perry on the show.

There was also a impressive performance by the kids of Mary Murphy's school on "Jailhouse Rock".


Anonymous { July 16, 2010 at 12:52 PM }
I guess I'm really getting old because Christina Perry's song was nice but nothing to jump up and down about.Just another good singer.

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