Application from Comex blessed Jailbroken iPhone 4 and iPad with Flash Videos

This would surely bring a cunning smile on the face of proud owners of Jailbroken iPads and iPhones as Comex brings in a application named Frash by which Flash in iPads can be put by a sort of jailbreak app specially developed for iPads however can work with iPhones i.e. iPhone4 and iPhone 3GS as well.

The app is still in its early stages and is not stable enough for release to the public at large; however Comex has decided to make the app available on GitHub that allows an opportunity for the developers to improve the software for iOS so that it becomes reliable and made available to public.

This app has been speacially designed to Flash to work on iPads however 3 Apple devivces which are iPad, iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4 have sufficient RAM to support this app and run Flash smoothly in the mobile Safari browser.

Frash is actually a port of the Adobe Flash plug-in that is available for Android devices and will run on only jail broken iPads in Safari Mobile by way of a compatibility layer.

Absence of Flash support on Apple has been huge disappointment in the owners of its devices whether it is iPad or iPhone which is the result of cold war between Apple and Adobe.

Hopefully, it would make the most talked about the phone 'iPhone' and most wanted gadget 'iPad' more perfect.


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