Sharad Pawar has Long List of Vast Assets

Union agriculture minister Sharad Pawar’s business interests are as complex as his politics.

According to the election affidavit filed by the Nationalist Congress Party (NCP) president, his investments and assets included shares in Panchshil Hotels Ltd, Baramati Agro Limited, Exactus Corporation Ltd, Karha Developers and Miners Pvt. Ltd. He also listed stakes in Lap Finance and Consultancy Pvt. Ltd and Namratta Film Enterprises Ltd. These two companies hold more than 16 per cent stakes in City Corporation Ltd which had bid for the Pune IPL team.

Pawar claims in the poll affidavit that he holds 1.47 lakh shares in Panchshil Hotels Ltd.

Pawar’s next big investment is Exactus Corporation Ltd, which provides legal process outsourcing to companies in the US, the UK and the European Union. His son-in-law is on the strategic advisory board of the company.

The firm’s website says: “ Sadanand is a significant investor in the company and has interests in the travel, education and financial sectors in India and Singapore. He is also actively involved in non- governmental institutions engaged in rural educational development programmes.” Pawar’s investment in Exactus Corp comprises 75,000 shares valued at Rs 16 lakh.

Pawar has also invested significantly in Baramati Agro Ltd, a company mainly into poultry business. His investment in the Rs 34 crore annual turnover company is 12,750 shares valued at Rs 10 each. The company, which was established in 2002, is headed by Rajendra Pawar.

While Pawar has listed in detail his investments in companies and banks, his daughter Supriya ( left) has not been so forthcoming in her election affidavit filed last year. She merely listed the value of the shares and investments held in her and her husband’s names worth about Rs 87 crore.


jitendra { June 5, 2010 at 11:11 AM }
Why you are quibbling over Mr.Sarad Pawar's vast assets? Whatever is a common knowledge, or so to say,"declared" assets is always tip of the iceberg.Persons like Sharad Pawar who have remained at such top politcal position in India for last over thirty years have all the rights to amass wealth to an unimaginable extent.Afterall they have to make sure that they have adequatly provided for the next SEVEN GENERATIONS.Or is it ten G!!!The greatest sigh of relief you and me can draw is " will he be taking one single penny up there?You know what I mean.

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