Nursing Teachers Retirement Age Increased to 65

It is good news for many however bad news for some. Good News for those who have been into the job as they would be able to cherish that luxury for couple of more years to come. Bad News for those who have been waiting to get that job and would only get it once the existing one's retires.

The Union Cabinet has approved a proposal to raise the from retirement age for teachers with M.Sc and higher degrees from 60 to 65 years the in government nursing institutions.

“The Cabinet approved increasing the age of superannuation subject to the condition that these nurses would continue to function as faculty members after 60 years,” Information and Broadcasting Minister Ambika Soni said.

She also added, "A large number of posts of teachers with M.Sc. (Nursing) degree were lying vacant in Central government institutions and the decision was an “immediate step” to check further depletion in faculty strength".

The National Commission on Macro-economics of Health has estimated that there will be a wide gap between the demand for and supply of nurses in the near future. It has recommended opening new nursing colleges and schools as also upgrading the existing ones.

We hope that Goverment would create more jobs as candidates would take care of the demand in the future. This would be perfect blend of experience and energy of youth.


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