Nintendo Wii 3D, The New Gaming Revolution

Nintendo Wii is possibly the world’s largest gaming console, outselling both Microsoft’s Xbox 360 as well as Sony’s PlayStation3. But now, it is reportedly adding a feature that will scare the pants out of Wii’s rivals— 3D. At the Electronics Entertainment Expo (or E3) in Los Angeles, Nintendo released the Nintendo 3dS.

A report in the Wall Street Journal says: “ Most 3- D technologies create the illusion of depth on a flat screen by presenting different images to the left and right eye, typically using special glasses. Creating the effect using a display alone— a technology called autostereoscopic 3- D— is more difficult.

One challenge is that the images generated by such displays can appear blurry, particularly when viewed at an angle.” It added: “ Since TV is typically viewed by more than one person at various angles and distances, most companies rolling out 3- D TVs have opted for battery- powered glasses to present different images to each eye.

TV makers have said it will be at least five years before a glassesfree 3- D television will be ready for mass production.” What the release of James Cameron’s Avatar has done is to inspire those who were in the entertainment industry to go 3D and make it work!


Anonymous { June 19, 2010 at 6:02 AM }
Whomever wrote this article is an IDIOT. Wii 3D?? doesn't exist. If you paid any attention you would notice that the Nintendo DS (Handheld) is going 3D for its next generation follow up. Why would you name your article Wii 3D? It's very misleading and for a reporter to report lies or stupid mistakes like this is to say that I shouldn't go here for any real news, only fabricated news. I went to this site because of the news heading, but its a lie.. shame on you! What a waste of time.
Anonymous { June 21, 2010 at 2:09 PM }
that can not test ps3
Anonymous { June 30, 2010 at 5:05 PM }
Super Mario Galaxy 3D

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