Most Popular Footballers of FIFA 2010 World Cup, Choose Yours

Check out these hottest footballers of this year FIFA world Cup. We tried to find out why are Women after them always.

Cristiano Ronaldo - The Rock Star

Cristiano Ronaldo is known as much for his daredevilry on the soccer field as outside it. The Portugese fits into the frame of a player who has got the cars, the girls and the gossip around him. He has a strong and attractive body, muscular built and dresses fashionably. His toughie looks make him a favourite and his aggressive game gives away traits like impulsiveness. He is also a glib talker. He is often seen shirtless revealing his shaven chest and toned abs. He modelled for Emporio Armani underwear.

Ronaldo has a long list of girlfriends (The last count was 28) and is said to have dated Paris Hilton besides being caught kissing Bipasha Basu. Though he is confident to the extent of being cocky and has made statements like ‘ I am the best player in the world’ it hasn’t deterred the girls from rooting for him.

Ricardo Kaka - The Mama Boy

With his young teen looks Ricardo Kaka looks full of zesty energy. The best part remains that he uses all this restless energy only in his game. The 28 year old looks all of 25 and besides a glint in his eyes he has a hearty smile of a young boy.

Off the field Kaka is known for all that is righteous and proper. He is a devout Christian, reads the Bible daily and is god fearing. He is not your usual soccer star who would enjoy the drooling and female fan following in an obvious manner.

Rather he is grounded. When he takes off is jersey it’s not to reveal his sexy frame but to reveal a shirt that reads ‘ I belong to Jesus.’ He still manages a dedicated fan following and that’s perhaps what is his secret charm.

Lionel Messi - The Charmer

Lionel Messi is known for his drop dead gorgeous, chocolate boy looks. His calm demeanour coupled with his modest attitude off the pitch make him a favourite.

He is short statured with thick hair and an angelic face that makes him stand out amongst the rest. He is the kind of guy who likes leading a quiet life and is known more for his extreme loyalty towards his team than link ups with girls.

For women who value character and can let go of flamboyance, Messi would be the guy.


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