Justin Bieber Mother Pattie Mallette Refuses the Playboy Offer

Earlier the buzz was that Justin Bieber Mom Pattie Lynn Mallette will pose for the adult magazine Playboy however the air has been cleared now after Pattie replied to the Media.

It was reported that she was offered $50,000 to pose topless, not nude, but topless.

She said, "PLAYBOY!? Heavens No, HELL NO! Heavens AND Hell NO! Thx but no thx! My son finds this rumor hysterical! Please don't believe what u read!"

Legal Representative for Bieber's, Ravi Batra says, "There is no truth that she would ever pose in Playboy, as it goes against her religion." Batra says that Pattie is a born-again Christian.

These are some of the comments of the Bieber fans after the rumor was cleared in media:

"I'm glad it's not true and thank goodness Pattie did not agree to the offer. She's much too smart to fall for something like that."

"I am a huge fan of Justin's. I saw him in concert in San Francisco at the Movin ' 99.7. When he threw out his hat, the girls went crazy."

People love Justin because of what he do and we guess they love his mother too because the rumors are created only for those who are deeply loved by audience.


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