FIFA World Cup 2010 Official Song Waka Waka Video, Audio Download

There has been already too much talking about the FIFA World Cup 2010 Official Song and now there is some new in the box. FIFA in-collaboration with Sony Music Entertainment chose “Waka Waka” by Shakira and Freshly ground as the FIFA World Cup 2010 Official Anthem.

However, ever since the Shakira jumped on stage to sing the 2010 FIFA World Cup anthem called Waka Waka (It's Time for Africa), fans are divided over whether it's a pulsating number dished out gorgeously by a talented woman, or whether it wasn't such a good idea to have a Colombian pop star of Lebanese ancestry, who resides in the Bahamas, represent Africa.

Few know that riffs from the catchy chorus are 'borrowed' from an original song titled Zangalewa sung by a Cameroon group called Golden Sounds. Most of the band members were Presidential Guards who produced the song as a tribute to African skirmishers who fought in World War II.

Apart from this buzz, there are reports that this song has created some records in terms getting downloaded illegally from the web. We have also named the Title as such so that people can read this that are promoting Piracy which is almost killing the entertainment industry.

Readers are requested, not to promote piracy and stop downloading pirated songs. Waka Waka is one good of a number which you want enjoy to the extent. So, buy it from your nearest local Sony Music Centre and enjoy ever beat of it.


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