Britney Spears Dead Rumors Fools Fans on the Web

Britney Spears has again been declared dead on the web courtesy almost the same rumors which took place back in 2001 as well. Some are creating this news that Spears was passed away in the accident for about five years now and girl we see as Britney these days is an imposter.

Can you believe that, I would say that is called Real Life turning into reel life, they are simply creating story out of her life and imposing that on her.

According to the news, After the recording of "Baby One More Time" video, Britney, only sixteen and not yet licensed to drive, borrowed her mother's car to go joyriding. With Justin in the passenger seat, Britney lost control of the car. Britney was decapitated in the accident.

It reports that Timberlake also got massive injuries and burns but there is nothing mentioned about the guy whom we see today on the screen, Is he also an imposter ?, Common People you don't have believe to the stories like these which has been developed in the backyard of these imposters who try to gain publicity from these kind of rumors.

Britney is sure alive and rocks as ever.


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