Aruna Shields to Do a Bold Scene without Clothes in Mr Singh Mrs Mehta

If latest buzz to be believed, new entrant actress Aruna Shields has agreed for a role in the debutante director Pravesh Bhardwaj movie Mr Singh Mrs Mehta. The Buzz is about the nude scene , Titanic Style, which Aruna would be performing in front of camera without clothes.

Around 60 actresses before Aruna has refused or got rejected for this role, saying too much nudity involved or not fit for the role.

” Every time I narrated the script, I met with very strong reactions. In fact, one actress threw the script at me and walked out.”, Pravesh Said.

This definitely would not seem as big as it is appearing if we go sometime back in the past and look at Jug Mundhra Film Private Moments where Aruna Shields have done too much and this scene of Mr Singh Mrs Mehta is nothing in comparison.

Jug Mundhra is a director who is known for low-budget, tacky B - Class movies though he’ll always be loved for getting Indian actresses to take their clothes off in front of the camera. However he had to change his track when he directed Aishwarya Rai in Provoked Last Year.

Now, if the censor board doesn't pass this scene, all the efforts to selection, rejection and finally shooting Aruna would go in vain, wouldn't it. C'mon people this is the old story of B-Town where they take nudity as the ingredient to create hype for the film and name it as "Demand of the Script".

As Vidhu Vinod Chopra said recently, "Janta is the real Jahan Panah', so when time comes, watch it and decide whether script demanded the scene or it scene demanded the script.


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