Amulya Kannada Actress Kissing Pictures, Video Creating Waves

Premism Director Ratnaja and Kannada Actress Amulya have been caught in an awkward position while ther were Kissing. Mid-Day first reports the news and also published that blackmailers who have 14 such pictures, also have a 1 minute video, blackmailed Ratnaja and asked for the Ransom for Rs 1 Crore which were denied, resulting into these pictures go public.

There is also news that Ratnaja promised Amulya, lead role in the next two flicks if she lets him kiss her. These pictures and video of the two getting intimate is believed to have been taken at the shooting location in Belgaum.

If sources are to believed,"Ratnaja had pictures of intimate moments he shared with Amulya during the shooting of Premism in September last year saved on his mobile phone.

The phone was misplaced and it found its way to the blackmailers who began calling Ratnaja and demanding he pay them Rs 1 crore. When they did not get the money, they made the pictures public".

In reply to all this, Amulya said these pictures comes as real shock to her as she has never been involved in these kind of things with the director and she would never do as she has already rejected 40 films after Cheluvina Chittara.


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