Katrina Kaif to Play as Madhubala in an Upcoming Film ?

MadhubalaKatrina Kaif is a beautiful, young girl and she can look convincing playing Madhubala. I feel it is a great idea to acquaint younger generation with the legend that Madhubala was. If played well it can be a great success as some remixes have been.

Reattempting classics is the best way to reignite interest in it. It is a lot like fashion, everyone wants to see and attempt classic fashion. And if we bring in a newer twist to it, it can be a great success.

We have seen Madhubala in a certain mould now if Katrina brings in a new energy to it, it will be an interesting take. All of us would love to see Madhubala in a cool and sexy avatar, something that Katrina can easily bring in given her feminine charm and bubble personality.

The vital thing remains how much research goes into the story and how the whole idea is packaged. In the past Katrina has proved with some serious roles that she does have the calibre to play the responsible roles and surprise the audiences. If a remake guarantees bringing in newer interest on the subject then why not.

Also for the younger audiences today things of the past have to be shown in a new light to help them understand it. If you show it to the older generation well they might smirk but then that’s how it is you can’t always please everyone.

Katrina is an intelligent actress and with thorough research she would be able to pull off the role very convincingly.


Karan { October 1, 2010 at 10:03 PM }
Kat is so cute

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